habit zero #029

the challenge

I was planning to go on a hike outside the city today, and the Prism I got was a perfect fit. When playing Where No One Has Gone Before I should find a spot with a unique point of view and play with a Seed there.

The Seed I got with the Prism was the Sunless Sunset Seed. I did my best not to think about what it might mean. I planned to be surprised.

When taking a hike in nature, I usually keep myself on the marked roads. Today, following the Prism, I decided to step down from the road for a few minutes. I found a safe spot for that and crossed a dry stream.

my insight


So, I step of the marked track and crossed the stream and found this broken old wall. Some stones were removed or broken, creating a big hole.

The sun was relatively low, and the light bounced back from the stones, except for where the wall was broken.

The colors were the colors of the sunset. The big hole looked like the sun, except that instead of being the source of light, it seemed to be absorbing the light and therefore it was darker.

It was a perfect sunless sunset.



Standing in a location with a unique (or irregular) point of view can be the trigger for new creative insights. We often keep ourselves on the main track. We rarely take detours or go sideways to see what we are missing.

Creative exploration enables us to find amazing things everywhere. But staying on the main track and not looking sideways will prevent creative exploration to live up to its potential.

mental notes


  • Go sideways — don’t always take the shortest path.
  • Creativity often requires a detour.

now it is your turn… be creative!



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